Free, free, free!

For Christmas I was given a Kindle Fire, and like many new owners I immediately rushed to Amazon in search of shiny new books to fill it with.  Two problems soon became apparent.  Ebooks are expensive!  Many times the ebook I want to download is more expensive than simply buying it in paperback; sometimes it’s more expensive than buying it in hardback!

Add to that some of the books I need new copies of (since my paperbacks are disintegrating from use) like the Demon Of Undoing or the Pride Of Chanur simply aren’t available.

So, I turned to the vast selection of free books.

So many, many free books.  And I have zero restraint when it comes to books.  In order to make myself read each and every one of the several hundred free books I seem to have downloaded, I’m going to review them and record them here, where no one will ever find them.

So, here we go:  My first review will be Drag0nchaser by Tim Stretton.


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  1. Update

    The ebook Dragonchaser by Tim Stretton is no longer available as a free kindle book.

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