What’s in a review?

Reviewers use different means of rating their books.  Stars, hearts, thumbs, knees and elbows, even smilies.  For myself, my rating system is a bit less (okay, a lot less) organized.

If I like a book it’s either okay, good, fun, worth a read, or great.

If I don’t like a book it’s either okay, bad, horrible, terrible, or worthless.

For me, the true test of a book comes to three questions:  Would I read it again?  Would I recommend it?  Would I keep it?

I’ll read just about anything once.  Reading it twice means there was something a little extra to the book that stuck in my head, something that brought me back to it.  It might be as little as liking a name, or how an author described something.  Who knows?  Just that little spark of something extra.

However, just because I’ll read something doesn’t mean I think it’s worth inflicting on other people.  If it’s a book worth sharing, I’ll share.  More rare, unfortunately, is a book that has to be shared even if the other person has no interest in the genre or author simply because it’s that good.

And then there’s the question of keep or not to keep.  I’m easy going about keeping books and even easier about donating them to the library or good will.  If it’s not worth keeping, it’s not necessarily that the book was bad.  It just wasn’t good enough.

Maybe I should switch to stars … that made no sense at all, did it?


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