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UnEnchanted by Chanda Hahn

UnEnchanted is a YA novel and is one of the better written attempts to cash in on the Twilight craze.  Throw in a bit of Grimm (the TV series), faeries, fairy tales gone wrong and you have a mildly entertaining book.

The basic plot isn’t that complicated:  Our heroine Mina Grime – with the tried and true Bella Swan personality of clumsy! and unpopular! – discovers she’s the descendant of the Brothers Grimm who were tricked by ancient fairies to fill a magic book (a Grimoire, of course) with captured stories.

But the stories aren’t your typical fairy tales.  They’re been shifted, adapted and turned into modern re-tellings, some of which are actually clever.  In the first book we see Hansel and Gretel as well as Red Riding Hood.  Chandra’s clever twist in the Red Riding Hood story caught me rather nicely by surprise!

However, there are flaws with this book.  The main character is a better done Bella, but it’s still a wincingly obvious un-character who has flashes of being her own, interesting and flawed person … only to be shoved back into being Bellamina Grimm.

I enjoyed this light little YA romp enough to buy the sequel, Fairest which takes on Cinderella in a cleverly twisty fashion.  UnEnchanted is worth the read and worth the price.

The author has three published books, two in the UnEnchanted series, with a fourth coming out soon.  Her website is:  Chandra Hahn: Books


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