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The Congregation by Aric Mitchell

The Congregation was a hard book to get involved in.  In essence, it’s about monsters, single mothers, Cain and Abel and … killing?  Despite the title, the book had very little to do with religion, though the location did take place in a building that was briefly referred to as a church.

The basic plot involves a character who kidnaps and kills women, then turns their bodies into giant monster zombie-things that shamble around trying to kill other people.  In the middle of this we have a pair of brothers and their sister, a single mother, her child, and a cop (raised by a single mother).  While there are other people randomly thrown into the mix, they have little purpose.

In fact, this whole book felt very disjointed to me, like it was trying to be two or three different books at the same time, but not one of the three was developed enough to give the book a direction.  For a horror book it left me confused as to where the horror came from or what it was doing.

The characters we were introduced to were tissue-paper thin stereotypes … sort of.  The single mother was … a single mother.  The cop was a guy.  The two brothers were two guys.  Their sister was … there.  To be honest, that’s pretty much my review of the book.

It was there.

I don’t recommend it, I won’t keep it on my kindle, and I have the feeling that, given a week, I won’t even remember it.

The author has no other published works.  He can be found at Twitter as aricmitchell.


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