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Halfway Point (Rant)

Sometimes a book just isn’t worth the time and effort it takes to read it.  Case in point:  Last Legends of Earth.  And no, it doesn’t warrant a link.  It’s one of my (if not the) most loathed of books I have read.

With free books it’s very much hit-or-miss.  Sometimes it’s a good idea, badly executed.  Sometimes it’s a boring idea but great writing.  Sometimes, sadly, it’s neither.  Sometimes it’s just a dud of a book.

At what point, then, is a book no longer worth the time it takes to read it?  Halfway in?  Less?  When do you review these books, and more to the point, how can you?  If you haven’t slogged it out to the very end, how can you justify a review?

There’s really no point to this except to whine.  I’m in the middle of two books (Congregation and the other one) and it’s hard to feel interested in either of them.  Indifferent characters, writing and plot … or maybe it’s just my mood, today, where the only books that I want to read are the ones packed up in boxes.


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Clumsy is not a personality! (Rant)

I just did a review on UnEnchanted, one of many Twilight inspired books – and certainly better written than it’s muse.  However … it has one glaring flaw, a flaw that sets my teeth on edge.

Clumsy is not a personality!

Neither is:  Laughing at jokes, drinking tea, eating cereal for breakfast, or sitting in chairs.  It’s female authors who seem to be the most blind when it comes to this problem.  I don’t know why they feel obligated to do this to their own gender.

Take your main character (a girl) and make her unpopular … but wait!  She’s still stunningly beautiful and no less than two or three jaw-droppingly gorgeous guys want to have her … and then, lacking any other personality trait … make her clumsy.

If a male author did this to a female character we’d comment on his misogyny.  So why do female authors think they can get away with it?  And if they honestly don’t care enough to give their characters a personality, can they at least switch it up?  Maybe instead of being clumsy she’s fond of wearing shoes only every other day?  Or she gets hiccups all the time?  Oh, how about she has black hair.  That’s a personality, right?

Have a little respect for yourself, your characters, and your readers, female authors.  Give your heroines personality traits that are personality traits, at least, and not comedic defects.  Even Heinlein managed that.  (See Podkayne of Mars for a girl with a personality written by a true misogynist.)

Just because every cartoon you watched as a kid had only one girl character per show (whose personality was “Girl”) doesn’t mean you have to enforce this stereotype to the next generation.  Don’t be afraid to write strong, compelling and even – heaven forbid – normal, un-clumsy girls.

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